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Virgin Galactic is ‘too dangerous’ for me

American Tower Corp.: “I am considered because James Taiclet is not running it anymore. I’ve got to see the new CEO. I loved Taiclet, I thought he was fantastic. He went to Lockheed Martin.”

Virgin Galactic: “I don’t like it. I know it’s been short-squeezed all the way up. You can play that. It’s too dangerous a game for me.”

Targa Resources: “I want you to sell half tomorrow. I don’t even like Targa.”

Aurora Cannabis: “I say: ‘exit stage right.'”

Nikola: “I’ve got to do more work and I’ve got to tell you this thing is as hot as a pistol and there are a lot of people on Twitter trying to gun it every day, so I have to do more work on that stock.”

Skyworks Solutions: “Skyworks has fabulous 5G chips and I’d buy it.”

Fuelcell Energy: “Sell Fuelcell … or at least sell half of it.”

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