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Unanswered Questions In Kuber Group Chief’s Rolls-Royce Crash

NDTV Impact: Unanswered Questions In Kuber Group Chief's Rolls-Royce Crash

Kuber Group director Vikas Malu’s Rolls-Royce Phantom rammed a tanker, killing 2 people

New Delhi:

Several questions remain unanswered in the car crash involving Kuber Group director Vikas Malu and his Rs 12 crore Rolls-Royce Phantom on a highway in Haryana’s Nuh on Tuesday.

Mr Malu was among three occupants in the speeding Rolls-Royce that rammed an oil tanker on the Delhi-Mumbai expressway in Nuh. All three are being treated in hospital.

Two of three people in the tanker – the driver and his assistant – were killed in the crash. The survivor in the tanker is being treated for injuries.

After a campaign by NDTV, the Haryana Police have called Mr Malu for questioning. NDTV’s reporting had got the police to admit Mr Malu was in the Rs 12-crore luxury car that rammed the tanker. There have been allegations of attempts to cover up the case. The police’s sequence of events is different from what footage of CCTVs installed along the highway show.

The first question pertains to the police case. Muleen Yadav, who was driving some 500 metres behind the tanker when the Rolls-Royce smashed into it, filed a first information report (FIR), but the police have accepted the FIR as against “unknown people”. This has led to allegations the police could be trying to shield the accused.

“The Rolls-Royce came in very fast, must be around 200 kmph, and hit the tanker,” Mr Yadav said.

The second question is who was driving the Rolls-Royce Phantom at the time of the accident? The police have not found a conclusive answer yet. They are waiting to take a statement from Mr Malu once he is discharged from hospital.

According to Mr Malu’s lawyer, the Kuber Group director’s driver was behind the wheels when the accident happened. However, this will need to be proved to the investigators.

The third question is about the speeding Phantom – CCTV cameras installed at a toll plaza 28 km away show the 14-car convoy crossed the plaza just 15 minutes before the accident happened. The convoy did not also pay the toll fee and zipped past the booths without slowing down.

The fourth question is the claim and counter-claim over wrong side driving. Initial reports said the tanker was driving on the wrong side of the highway. However, the FIR filed by the man who was driving 500 metres behind the tanker told NDTV that the Rolls-Royce came in extremely high speed from behind and hit the tanker after swerving towards the front of the truck,

NDTV went to the expressway this morning and found most vehicles speeding on this stretch, which has a speed limit of 120 kmph.

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