The Order Season 3 Netflix Check Release Date Star Cast and Story Spoilers

Netflix has released so many new shows and movies during the lockdown.

People wanted something to keep them busy and Netflix understood the need for the hour very clearly. Beginning with the lockdown Netflix released the new season of Money Heist, which was a great gift for the fans and the audience to keep them occupied they needed something. One more Netflix originals which have blown people’s mind is Extraction. The movie featured people’s favourite Chris Hemsworth and Randeep Hooda in the lead.

The OTT platform has kept everyone occupied when they needed it most. During the time when the entertainment industry was not working with any new episodes, Netflix came out as a saviour for everyone. One of the series released by Netflix was season 2 of the most appreciated series The Order.

The Order Season 3 Release date

The Order is a show based on Belgrave University student Jack Morton.

Jack joins a secret society of Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose and gets stuck in the world of magic, monster, and intrigue.

Jack is out in the world to avenge the death of his mother and during his journey, he discovers the dark secrets of his family who are involved in dark magic. Meanwhile, he gets himself landed in underground battles between werewolves and dark magic practitioners.

Alyssa is also a student at Belgrave University who assists Jack in the fight. She is also a member of the order which was started by Jack’s father. The series has got a 6.8 IMDB rating. The show has aired two seasons till now with 10 episodes each.

The first season aired on Netflix on March 7, 2019

, and the second season followed on June 18, 2020. The struggle of Jack and Alyssa to manage their lives between the magical and the normal life is interesting to watch throughout the seasons.

After season 2 of the series ended recently fans of the series are now excited about the third season. Anticipation has already started about when the next season will be releasing.

As per the release of season 3 audience can expect it to be no sooner than September 2021.

Season 2 has ended on a very exciting note, Vera has killed Salvador and Alyssa has stripped away from her magical powers. This builds the plot for season 3, as it will be giving more information on the same.

Here is a twist in the plot in the ending of season 2 audience also saw Alyssa dying in the arms of Jack, but there is jo clue yet that she died. Maybe she could have survived and we can see her in next season as well. Hence we can expect both Jack and Alyssa to be in Season 3.

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