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Teammates help 16-year-old dead boy score one last goal. Viral video leaves Twitter teary-eyed

A lot of times we come across such videos and images on Twitter that leave us speechless. A similar video of a group of boys, who used to play football together, helping their dead teammate score one goal has gone viral.

The clip that we are talking about is from Mexico and was shared by Twitter user Alex Stone with the caption, “16-year-old boy murdered in Mexico. His teammates took him to where they used to play football. And let him score, one last time. Never seen something like this.”

The heartbreaking clip was originally shared by the Twitter handle @tvbus with the caption, “Alexander’s teammates fire him, he scores his last goal.”

The 54-second video shows a coffin lying on the ground, surrounded by a group of boys. One of the boys passes the football to another, who then kicks it towards the coffin. The ball touches the coffin and then bounces to the goal post.

That is when the whole crowd cheers and everybody runs to hug the coffin and start crying.

According to Reuters, the 16-year-old Mexican boy was Alexander Martinez and his murder was blamed on the police. On Thursday, Martinez was buried in his home village of Vicente Camalote after his coffin was taken to the football stadium.

Twitter is heartbroken after watching the video. Have a look at some of the comments:

Have you ever seen anything like this before?

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