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Mud Tsunami Crashes Through Streets As Flash Floods Hits Italian Town

Watch: Mud Tsunami Crashes Through Streets As Flash Floods Hits Italian Town

The city streets were damaged by a wave of mud following a landslide..

There seems to be no end to the ongoing extreme weather conditions in Europe and around the world. Recently, Italy’s Bardonecchia town joined the list of affected areas as the River Merdovine caught everyone off guard by flooding its banks, leaving the town completely covered with mud.

A dramatic video caught on camera shows the town covered in mudslide as river water surges through the streets of the town. People narrowly missed the water, mud, and debris gushing in as trees are toppled.

Watch the video here:

According to the BBC, the flood was likely triggered when heavy rain caused a mountain stream to overflow, leading to a landslide.

Fortunately, no fatalities or missing individuals were reported. Nevertheless, the town suffered significant damage, leading to the displacement of 120 residents. Additionally, fire and rescue officials had to conduct operations to rescue multiple individuals from a camper van.

According to Sky News, Cars and streets were covered in thick sludge, and firefighters had to rescue six people from an overturned camper, but authorities searched overnight and said no one was missing. Workers were cleaning up the mess on Monday and were set to check on the levels of the nearby Frejus River.

Posting on Facebook, Piedmont regional governor Alberto Cirio said, “I signed the request for a state of emergency for the events that affected Bardonecchia last night. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but from today’s inspections, there emerges extensive damage to infrastructure, public buildings, especially the State Police barracks, which were made completely inaccessible, private buildings, and vehicles.”

Bardonecchia is a town in the Piedmont region of Italy. It’s situated in the Alps near the French border and is known for its popularity as a skiing destination in the winter months, as well as for hiking and outdoor activities during the summer. Its strategic location in the mountains makes it a hub for both winter and summer recreational activities.

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