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Mexico’s “Weed Nuns” Launch Movement To Take Marijuana Back From Narcos

Mexico's 'Weed Nuns' Launch Movement To Take Marijuana Back From Narcos

The “weed nuns” at their farm in Mexico.

A group of women in Mexico is challenging the established norms, dressing as nuns and growing cannabis. According to The Independent, these “weed nuns” are pushing for the drug’s legalisation to take it away from the country’s narco groups. These women call themselves Sisters of the Valley and are part of an international movement founded in 2014 that promotes the healing power or cannabis. The group has a branch in California that sells CBD products in the US, while the Mexican group, consisting of five “sisters”, grow cannabis crop, the outlet further said.

“What I have always wanted and what I am betting on is to take it (cannabis) back from the narco to make it legal,” a group member who uses the moniker “Sister Bernardet” told The Independent.

A video of the “weed nuns” is going viral on social media, but its location has not been revealed to protect the women.

Mexico has a big majority of Catholics (75%), so the image of a nun puffin away a joint can rile some people, including the families of the women.

“The sisterhood is in a totally different context here in Mexico – because of how religious the country is and because of the plant’s ties to cartels,” Sister Bernardet told news agency Reuters. She is a homeopathic practitioner, and prescribes marijuana to those suffering from cancer, joint pain and insomnia.

UK-based outlet Metro said these “sisters” tend to their plants producing cannabinoid salves. They are earning $10,000 every year, which is a fraction compared to the earnings of the California branch.

Due to the constant threat, the “sisters” have learned to be secretive in their business, drawing the curtains and drying their product in places that can’t be easily found.

The group’s founder “Sister Camilla” helps to maintain the farm and support the group’s logistics.

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