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Large Gatherings Banned In Delhi Till March 12 Ahead Of Farmers’ Mega March

Large Gatherings Banned In Delhi Till March 12 Ahead Of Farmers' Mega March

New Delhi:

Large gatherings have been banned across Delhi for a month – till March 12 – ahead of a planned mega protest by farmers starting Tuesday. Over 200 farmer unions – around 20,000 farmers in all – with multiple demands, including enactment of a law to guarantee minimum support price, or MSP, for their crops, are expected to converge on the national capital over the next few days.

The order issued by Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora also bans entry of tractors into the national capital, and there is a complete ban on carrying of guns and inflammable substances, as well as makeshift weapons like bricks and stones, and the collection of petrol cans or soda bottles.

The use of loudspeakers have also been banned.

Anyone found violating these orders will be arrested on sight, the police have warned.

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