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Donald Trump Says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ”Broke Queen Elizabeth’s Heart”

Donald Trump Says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ''Broke The Queen's Heart''

The Duke of Sussex moved to the US with his wife Meghan Markle in January 2020

Donald Trump has hit out at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, accusing the couple of “breaking Queen Elizabeth’s heart”. The former president of the United States spoke to Nigel Farage in an exclusive interview and expressed his disapproval of how the Duke of Sussex and his wife, Meghan Markle, stepped down as members of the royal family in 2020, Independent reported. 

Speaking about the Queen, he said, “I think there was great disrespect to a person I got to know very well and like; the Queen. She was unbelievable you know.”

He continued: “I thought she was treated very disrespectfully by them. Although she wouldn’t show it because she was strong and smart, I imagine they broke her heart. The things that they were saying were so bad and so horrible and she was in her 90s and hearing this stuff. I think they broke her heart. I think they hurt her bad.”

The former President further insisted that Harry and Meghan ”were very disrespectful to the royal family” when they decided to step down from their duties. 

Meanwhile, he praised the late Queen, who died in September 2022, stating she “never made a mistake” during her reign. He told Mr Farage: “I’m a little prejudiced because I thought the Queen was incredible. I mean, think of it all those years, 75 years. She’s rarely made a mistake.”

The Duke of Sussex moved to the US with his wife Meghan Markle in January 2020. It was reported they “ignored” the Queen’s request to delay announcing their decision to quit public life.

During the interview, Trump also hinted that if he is elected as the US president, Prince Harry may face deportation over drug use he admitted to in his 2023 memoir. Notably, The Duke of Sussex’s immigration status has become the subject of a legal battle after Harry admitted to taking illegal drugs in his memoir, ‘Spare’  which was released last year.

”We’ll have to see if they know something about the drugs, and if he lied they’ll have to take appropriate action,” Trump said.

In ‘Spare’, Harry wrote that when he was younger, he had taken cocaine, marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms, noting that the cocaine ”didn’t do anything for me,” but ”Marijuana is different, that did help me.”

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