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Congress Breaks Convention, Party Chief Attacks Centre On Independence Day

Congress Breaks Convention, Party Chief Attacks Centre On Independence Day

Independence Day: Mr Kharge recounted the contribution of former Congress PMs.

New Delhi:

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge, who skipped the 77th Independence Day event at the iconic Red Fort and sent out a strong recorded message, attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the flag hoisting ceremony at the party headquarters in Delhi. Opposition voice is being muzzled, and parliament members are being suspended, he said. My own mike has been muted in the house, he said.

Referring to the PM’s 90-minute long speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort, he said an impression has been created that developmental work has taken place only in the last few years.

Mr Kharge recounted the role of former Congress PMs and their contribution towards nation building.

He also alleged an attack on some salient characteristics of our constitution.

This is a first, in many decades, that a Congress president has attacked the government on Independence Day. Avoiding any criticism or attack on the Centre on Independence Day has so far been a convention.

A chair with Mallikarjun Kharge’s name was among the vacant seats at a section of the historic Red Fort where PM Modi delivered his speech. Mr Kharge said he could not go to the Red Fort for the speech as he had an eye problem. He said he was also expected to hoist the flag in his own house, then go to the Congress office, and with so much security for the PM and others, and the fact that they wouldn’t allow him to leave till the Home Minister, Defence Minister, Speaker, and some others did, it would have been impossible to attend.

Earlier, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi called Bharat Mata as the voice of every Indian in a message on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Bharat Mata is the voice of every Indian! Happy Independence Day to all the countrymen,” Mr Gandhi said, sharing some thoughts from his ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’.

The Congress president today pledged to uphold democracy and the Constitution, which he alleged were in danger.

He saluted the sacrifices of innumerable Indians who gave up their lives during the freedom struggle, and said they not only made contribution to the national movement but also laid a strong foundation of India.

He also lauded the contribution of former prime ministers, including Atal Bihari Vajpayee who, he said, always worked for the country and took many steps for progress and development.

“It pains me to say that today, democracy, Constitution and autonomous institutions – all three are in great danger,” he lamented.

“New tactics are being adopted to suppress the voice of the opposition. Raids by CBI, ED, Income Tax are happening, Election Commission is being weakened. Efforts are being made to suppress the voice of opposition MPs in Parliament by suspending them. Someone’s mic is going off or someone’s words are getting expunged. Privilege motions are being brought,” the Congress chief said.

In the coming times, people may not believe that there was a time when people from the ruling party used to block proceedings of Parliament, he noted, targeting the current dispensation.

“Great people don’t erase old history to write new history. They draw their line big, they don’t make the already drawn line smaller by cutting or erasing it,” Mr Kharge said.

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