Bodies exchanged during cremation, Delhi’s LNJP hospital claims matter to be political

Two bodies — one of a female and another of a male — were exchanged at Delhi’s Nigam Bodh Ghat during their cremation, alleged families on Saturday. Both the bodies were placed in the mortuary of the LNJP Hospital.

A person named Sunny Chandra, whose father’s body was among the one which got exchanged, told India Today TV: “After my father passed away, we were called in the mortuary. We confirmed that it was his body only. But things changed for us later,” he said.

“As soon as we reached Nigam Bodh Ghat to cremate his body, the hospital ambulance had around 4-5 patients in it. And when I asked the person to give me my father’s body, the person shifted a body towards me and said this is the one,” Sunny added.

Sunny further said that he cremated the body without any argument thinking that it was his father’s. He said that he later received a call from the hospital saying that there is some confusion and that he had cremated someone else’s body.

The person on the phone told Sunny that his father’s body was still in the hospital, Sunny claimed.

“When I reached the mortuary, I saw the body of my father still kept in the premises,” Sunny said.

Mukesh, whose mother’s body was exchanged with Sunny’s father’s body said: “Not even once did my mother get tested for coronavirus. There was a lack of support from the hospital authority. When I reached the mortuary to collect her body, I was told that her body was already cremated by some other family.”

“I was devastated as I couldn’t believe what happened. I couldn’t even bid her last goodbye. I couldn’t even do the rituals which were required by our family,” Mukesh said.

However, the hospital has declined all the allegations claiming, “We hand over the right body with the right papers and all this cannot happen. This is all political and we get trapped in between all this.”

The allegations have come to light at a time when several cases of mishandling of patients and dead bodies have surfaced at Delhi’s LNJP hospital.

Recently, the Supreme Court also criticised the director of LNJP regarding the number of complaints in terms of treatment of patients and sought a record of how the patients are being treated in the hospital.

The Supreme Court had issued a notice to LNJP Hospital in Delhi saying, “There is a problem in Delhi, testing has gone down from 7,000 to 5,000 per day. Why has your testing gone down? Tell us why testing numbers are reducing in Delhi.”

The three-judge SC bench went on to say that the situation is “horrendous” with respect to the handling of Covid-19 patients in Delhi and that they are being treated “worse than animals”.

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